Due to the overwhelming number of wingnut-generated e-mails
about President Obama, we have made a separate page of these hoaxes in order to free up more space on the BIG LIST. Any e-mail containing a reference to one of these topics is completely false. Most of these appeared during his first presidential campaign, and continued throughout his first term. Quite a few of them were trotted out again just for the 2012 campaign. They were not true then, and they remain untrue to this day. You can choose to believe them or not, but, please, do not pass these e-mails on to others. Click on the "Chain letters" link and read (and heed) the contents contained therein. Break the chain! To ensure that you're seeing the most up-to-date list, click HERE to refresh page content.
1% transaction tax  $20 million for Hamas  1388 (HB or HR)  2009 Fort Hood photo  2009 Veterans Day photo  50 lies  abandoned Iraq  abortions part of Mother's Day  accused of inappropriate behavior  adopt the euro  African Press International  Air Force One tail number  Americans for Freedom of Information  anti military  anti police  anti private gun ownership  Antonin Scalia  AP "smoking gun" story  Ashley Todd  ask Bush to leave Ft. Hood  auctioning weed to pay for Syria  ban all firearms  ban bibles in VA hospitals  ban Christian websites  ban Diamond Rio song  ban FDR prayer  ban Pledge of Allegiance  ban pork in prisons  ban prayer in VA cemeteries  ban recreational fishing  ban religious broadcasting  ban toilet paper  bankrupt coal industry  Bill Brown e-mail  birth certificate  Black Panther party  Bo flies on own plane  bomb Charleston, SC  Brazilian oil company loan  bullshit protector  called veterans whiners  Catch-A-Dream Foundation  cedes U.S. islands to Russia  certificate of live birth forged  Charles Stanley e-mail  Che Guevara shirt  cheating on Michelle  Chicago home foreclosed  Christian soldiers prosecuted  Christian websites shut down  Christmas      at the White House      cards banned to VA      cards banned to military      for Malia & Sasha      ornaments banned      tree tax  Chrysler dealers targeted  Cindy Williams  closing down the Internet  closing Vatican embassy  college thesis  college transcripts  Columbia University student ID  confiscate your guns  conspiracy theory  court date pending  cousin of Raila Odinga  crime to protest president  crotch salute  cut combat pay for troops  D-Day Monument snub  daughters senior staffers  David E. Cole letter  demanding higher pension  Denali  denied bikers ride permit in D.C.  depopulating Montana  deport Obama  Diamond Rio song banned  did not attend Columbia  divorcing  doesn't celebrate 4th of July  doesn't salute the flag  doesn't support Boy Scouts  doesn't support the military  doesn't support the police  dog flies on own plane  donated money to Odinga  dress code for First Daughters  Dubai mansion  Eid holiday stamp  Elena Kagan citizenship trials  eliminating 16 stateseliminating TRICARE  eliminating TRICARE For Life  end hot breakfasts for troops  endorsed by the KKK  endorses Trump for President  Executive Orders  favorite conspiracy theory  federal charges against Darren Wilson  Federal Reserve to use the euro  fire the cattle guards  first President to miss Arlington  force sharia law on courts  foreign political contributions  Fort Campbell gun registration  free gas to minorities and poor  free phone to welfare recipients  fried chicken franchise in China  Fulbright scholarship  gas tax  gun confiscation  gutted welfare reform  giving himself a raise  Guantanamo Bay pardons  has a son  healthcare chip implant  healthcare plan = suicide  hiding his birth certificate  higher pension  Hillary not qualified  holds dual citizenship  home invasion  H.R. 4646  'I Can't Breathe' shirt  ignored troops in Afghanistan  illegal to protest president  impeachment  impeachment hearings begin  impeachment proceedings scheduled  importing Muslims into the U.S.  International Muslim Appreciation Month  Internet fundraising     Maureen Dowd  Interpol  is a communist  is a Marxist  is a Muslim  is a socialist  is anti-Christian  is not patriotic  is soft on crime  is soft on terrorism  is the Antichrist  ISIL not an existential threat  Jean Paul Ludwig SS#  Joseph Olson article  Judge Judy for Supreme Court  July 4th is crap  Justice Roberts signs arrest warrant  Kenya releases real birth certificate  kids listed as senior staffers  kissing a man photo  Korean War ceremony flag salute  landfill named after Obama  law license surrendered  lawyer says birth certificate fake  left-handed flag salute photo  legal way around 2nd Amendment  Leo Donofrio  license required to sell house  limiting church services  loaned money to Petrobras  Malia is pregnant  Marines to wear 'girly' caps  Mass Shooting Bill  Medicare rationing  Michelle files for divorce  military funeral protocol change  military to pledge allegiance  missing a good day of golf  Mondex chip  Mount Rushmore  move to Canada if Trump wins  Muslim Appreciation Month  Muslim EID holiday stamp  Muslim foot bath  Muslim outreach program for children  Muslim prayer curtain  National Day of Prayer canceled  National Muslim Appreciation Month  National Prayer Breakfast  National Prayer Breakfast speech  New World Order speech  Nidal Hasan was Obama advisor  no-free-speech bill  no guns = no crimeno ring & watch for Ramadan  nominates Judge Judy  Nostradamus  not a Christian  not a U.S. citizen  not born in the U.S.  November is Muslin month  nude photos of mother  Obamacare     see "Health care" on BIG LIST  Obama banned this video  Obama car  Obama let Baltimore burn  Obama phone  Obama to resign January 1, 2015  Occidental College transcripts  opt out of National Prayer Breakfast  organizer for ACORN  outlaw organic farming  Palestinian immigration  pals around with terrorists  Panetta gave bin Laden kill-order  pardons at Guantanamo Bay  passport  petition 2493  pimp photo  posing with Iranian president  prosecuting Christian soldiers  quotes Americans should know  radical islamic terrorism  ransom paid for hostages  red, white & blue in Oval Office  redraw U.S. map  refuse to leave office  remove "In God We Trust"  removed flag from Air Force One  removed 'God' from coins  removed 'God' in Gettysburg Address  removed 'under God' from Pledge  replace U.S. national anthem  resign on January 1  return his Nobel Peace Prize  rewrite the Constitution  ribs and pu**y  running for third term  Russian hand-shake snub  salute with coffee in hand  Sasha is transgender  school kids pledge allegiance  second Nobel Peace Prize  sedated after emotional breakdown  SF Chronicle withholds tape  sharia law forced on courts  shoot down Israeli fighter jets  shut down 16 U.S. states  shut down Christian websites  signs order declaring war on Iran  Snopes in the tank for Obama  Social Security for illegal aliens  sold voter tabulations to Scytl  Somali-pirate hostage rescue  son named Luther  State Defense Forces  suicide for seniors  Supreme Court hearing  surrendered law license  tail number on Air Force One  targets Christians in Uganda  Texas conspiracy theory  thesis written at Columbia  third term  transgender school bathrooms  Twitter character limit exceeded  upside down phone photo  U.S. islands ceded to Russia  U.S. troops practice Sharia law  USS Barack Obama  VA removes Christian symbols  veterans are whiners  veterans provide own health care  virus warning «read this  visit a mosque on July 4  Walter Williams article  wants higher pension  wants to rewrite the Constitution  wants to take away your guns  war on Christianity  war on Christmas  wearing Indian clothing  wedding ring has Arabic verse  White House ball "pimp" photo  won't leave office if Trump elected  won't mention 'Christ' or 'God'  won't say "radical islamic terrorism" 

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