BIG LIST of Internet Hoaxes
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Effective midnight December 31, 2016, EST (9PM PST), Hoax Busters will cease operations and will no longer be available online. It has been our pleasure to serve you since 1999, and we are honored to be one of the trusted sources that you have chosen for hoax debunking. What began as an avocation 17-years-ago, however, has turned into a full time vocation. But all good things must come to an end, and Hoax Busters is no different. The tenor of hoaxes has changed through the years. These days, it's all about conspiracy theories and political misinformation. Those types of hoaxes are spread by folks whose only interest is in reading news that conforms to their point of view. No matter the actual facts, people will believe what they want to, and truth is irrelevant. Walter Quattrociocchi, the head of the Laboratory of Computational Social Science at IMT Lucca in Italy, has spent several years studying how conspiracy theories and misinformation spread online. He explained that institutional distrust is so high, and cognitive bias so strong, that the people who fall for hoax news stories are frequently only interested in consuming information that conforms with their views — even when it's demonstrably fake.  Fortunately, there are several other excellent hoax-debunking websites from which to choose. In no particular order, we recommend:  Hoax-Slayer,,, PolitiFact, Washington Post Fact Checker, and, of course, If you're one of those that believe that Snopes is not trustworthy, or has a left-leaning liberal bias, please read THIS.  Thank you to all that have visited Hoax Busters through the years. We truly appreciate the confidence that you have placed in us.

NOTICE: The U.S. Department of Energy hoax site ( permanently shut down in 2008. Our site is not, and never was, associated with CIAC, or any government agency. We do not have a Facebook, Twitter, or other social media-type of page, so any Hoax Busters-labeled page is not ours or sanctioned by us. Nor are we associated with the French site, or any other website or blog using the name Hoax Busters, or any variation thereof. To those of you visiting for the first time, welcome. To assist you in navigating our site, please read the HELP file.

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These are HOAXES - they are simply not true! No big company is going to give you a GIFT CERTIFICATE (giveaway hoaxes), spamming your friends and family will not help a SICK OR MISSING CHILD (sympathy hoaxes), that PERFUME IS NOT ETHER (urban legends), and there is no such thing as E-MAIL TRACKING! If you receive an e-mail urging you to forward a message that contains a reference to any of these, or similar items, please DO NOT as you will only be helping to perpetrate and perpetuate the hoax. You can read about the FIVE TELLTALE SIGNS to learn how to identify a hoax message. Click HERE for a list of the top ten hoax questions received by Hoax Busters.
A new source of hoaxes showing up on social media comes from a growing number of fake and satirical "news" sites. Unlike The Onion, which publishes genuinely funny satirical stories, these fake sites publish stories that are easily misconstrued as true by some gullible readers. Most of these sites do offer a disclaimer to indicate that they are not to be taken seriously, but all too often that disclaimer is difficult to find, or, in some cases, nonexistent. This leaves people with no way to know if a story is phony, and leads to folks sharing and posting more and more fictional stories. Some of these fake sites include National Report, The Daily Currant, Newswatch28, Q Political, and Now8News. See "Satirical news websites" for more information.
It's worth noting that just because these are listed as hoaxes doesn't mean that a determined virus writer couldn't use the same name as one of these hoaxes on their infected file and send it out as an e-mail attachment (see Wobbler hoax below). The best way to reduce the risk of getting a real computer virus is to practice SAFE COMPUTING.
Anti-virus programs, spyware scanners, and firewalls are essential items to have, and use, for protecting your computer from attack. We have compiled some of our favorites, which you can see HERE.

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A German's view on Islam
A killer in your fridge
    see Aspartame
A Virtual Card for You
    see Olympic Torch virus
    see Postcard virus
ABC bans flag pins
Abe Finkelstein
    see McDonald's
Aborted fetuses in food
Aborted fetuses in McDonald's
    see McDonald's
Abortion law in New York
Abu Dhabi airport death
    see Videos
   cell phone virus
Actualisation de Windows Live
    see Olympic Torch virus
Advance fee scam
    see Nigerian Scam
    see Scams
Affordable Care Act (Obamacare)
    see Health care
    1k soldiers died in 27 months
    see NBA or NFL?
African Press International
    see Michelle Obama
Agenda 21
    conspiracy by the UN
    social engineering = world domination
    takes away property rights
    UN to control the U.S. government
A.I.D.S. virus
    Open: very cool!
    10-year-old boy infected
    from eating fast food
    from eating panipuri
    from eating pineapple
    from eating shawarma
    see HIV
Air Force jets celebrate DOMA ruling
Air Force jets in "USA" formation
Airbus 340-600
    Arab flight crew
    ground proximity alarm sounding
    largest passenger airplane
    news blackout
Airplane loses wing
AirTran Flight 297
    Muslims on a plane
    Tedd Petruna
    terrorist dry run

Al-Qaeda schoolyard-shooting video
    United Nations to control
Albert Einstein quote
Aldi grocery stores
Alien creatures in African cemetery
Alien found in San Jose
    see Gianna Peponis
All Seeing Eye
Allen West
    sailor charged in shooting
    victim of Sharia law
AltaVista virus
    a.k.a. Londhouse
    white background photo patent
Amazon Rain Forest
AMBER Alert hoax
    gray car, Quebec 72B 381
    Mitsubishi, license 98B 351
    silver truck, license 72B 381
AMBER Alert shut down
America's Got Talent
    death in live video
Amero coin
    see North American Union
Ammon Bundy
    California bans .45 ammo
    government buying all ammunition
Ammunition Accountability Act
Ancient ruins discovered in Australia
Andy Rooney
Angel fallen from the sky
Animal rights activists
    declare war on leather
    duct-taped in restaurant dumpster
    force-fed them hamburgers
    missing at motorcycle gang rally

Ann Coulter
    arrested for using women's bathroom
    no crippled citizens
Ann Romney
    men deserve higher pay
Answering machine message
    Maroochydore High School
    Pacific Palisades High School
    secondary school in England
Anthrax in Tide samples
    7 people died
Anti-CDA virus
    causes breast cancer
Ants eating baby
    see Facebook
Ants in the brain
Ants react to ringing phone
    expired credit card info
    forward e-mail or lose IM
    IM fee
    IM Trojan/virus
    Intel merger
    Microsoft merger
    see Hotmail
    V4.0 cookie
    year 2000 update
Apple iPhone
    see iPhone
Arabic on Canadian police car
Arabs celebrate after 9/11
    see FAQ
Archive (Windows Live)
    see Olympic Torch virus
Arizona border weapons seized
Arizona gay-to-straight curriculum
AriZona Tea pee
Arizona voter fraud
Ashley Marc James
Ashley Todd
    robbery victim
ASP virus
Asparagus cures cancer
    Betty Martini
    Brigham and Women's Hospital
    causes Alzheimer's
    causes birth defects
    causes brain tumors
    causes cancer
    causes chronic fatigue syndrome
    causes diabetes
    causes Gulf War Syndrome
    causes lupus
    causes multiple sclerosis
    causes seizures
    killer in your fridge
    kills roaches and ants
    Nancy Markle
    Sweet Poison
Asteroid to hit Earth
    planet X
    September 24, 2015
ATM PIN number
    in reverse notifies police
    reverse PIN required by law
    see FAQ
ATM virus
Aunt Bee (Frances Bavier)
Aurora Borealis in Finland
Australian gun law update
Australian Prime Minister
    see Julia Gillard says adapt or leave
Australian Red Cross
    Australian spider bite
    infected needle on theater seat
    unsolicited e-mails for donations
Automobile air conditioner
    causes cancer
    invented by Goldberg brothers
    see FAQ

Baby born with hands in prayer
    born last weekend
Baby carrots
Baby eaten by ants
    see Facebook
Baby eating
    in China
    in Taiwan
    man-eats-fetus photo
Baby New Year virus
Baby weighs 40 pounds
Back to the Future
    Back to the Future Part IV
    time-travel date
Bad American
    George Carlin
    Ted Nugent
Bad Boys III
Bad guy
    changing tire
    in the backseat
    selling perfume
Bad Times
Ball pit
    disgusting stuff in pit
    Kevin Archer
Ban black cars
Ban religious broadcasting
    Barack Obama
    Charles Stanley
    David Jeremiah
    FCC petition 2493
    James Dobson
    Joel Osteen
    Joyce Meyer
    Madalyn Murray O'Hair
    petition 2493
    Costa Rican bananas
    flesh-eating bacteria
    South African bananas
    unripen a rotten banana
Bank holiday in August (in U.S.)
Barack Obama «click for hoaxes
    shows country of origin
Barnes & Noble is racist
Basa fish
    see Panga
Battery-powered gloves
BBQ melts contact lenses
    see Contact lenses
Beanie Babies hatching spiders
Beat a traffic ticket
    overpay the ticket
Ben Carson
    abortions create baby ghosts
    loses medical license
    no memory of campaign
Ben French
    see Tedd Petruna
Benghazi conspiracy
Bermuda Triangle
    crystal pyramid[s]
    SS Cotopaxi
Bernie Sanders
    dual citizenship with Israel
    Pope Francis endorsement
    rally in California
    retort to Trump tweet
Best Buy is anti-Christmas
Betty White
    "balls" quote
    dyes peacefully in her home
    found dead in bathtub
    photos of White in her 20s
Bible saves a life
    see Joe Biden
Big Brother virus
    see Olympic Torch virus
    see Postcard virus
Biggest dog in the world photo
Bill 602P
Bill Clinton
    disarmed soldiers on military bases
    illegitimate son
    hooker photo
    is a pedophile
Bill Cosby
    I'm 76 and I'm Tired
    Miss Piggy sexually assaulted
    molested Raven-Symoné
    Oprah says Cosby tried to rape her
    running for President
Bill Gates
    $1000 give away
    11 rules of life
    $5000 to share image
    admits to chemtrails
    e-mail tracking
    high school speech
    photo of daughter
Bill Maher
    fined $1.7 million
Billy Graham
    prayer for the nation
    walk to Bourbon Street
Bin Laden shooter attacked
    see Osama bin Laden
Black baby born to white parents
Black cars
    banned in California
Black in the White House virus
    see Olympic Torch virus
Black Inheritance Tax Refund
    40 Acres and a Mule
Black Tax Inheritance Rebate
Blacks lose right to vote in 2007
BlackBerry Messenger
    see Hotmail
    natural blondes to become extinct
    World Health Organization study
    NY Mayor denied 2nd slice of pizza
Blueballs Are Underrated
Blue Mountain cards
Blue package
    see Klingerman virus
Blush Spider
    see Toilet spiders
Bob Marley
Bomb-sniffing dogs banned in UK
Bompie frozen juice
    contains poisonous chemical
    killed 180 people
    see Crunches biscuits
    see DEW bottled water
Bonsai cats
Boston Marathon
    Dzhokhar Tsarnaev found dead
    Jeff Bauman
    photo of little girl killed
Boston massacre
    see Gun confiscation in Boston
Bottle caps for chemo
Bottled water in car
    plastic causes cancer
    see Dioxin
Boy punished for stealing bread
    in Afghanistan
    in Iran
    in Iraq
    in Palestine
    Muslim boy
    punished under Islamic law
    punished under Sharia law

Boy raised by kangaroos
Boycott cars
    Pope Benedict
Boycott gasoline
    see FAQ
Boycott letters
    see Chain letters
Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie
    moving to Kentucky
    see Breast worms
Brazilian plane crash photos
Brazilian Rain Forest
    Illinois woman gets $144,000
    welfare mom

Breaking Bad season 6
Breast cancer
    Patient Protection Act
        see FAQ
Breast worms
    see Susan McKinley
    wash bras before use
Bristol Island UFO
    see UFO buried on Bristol Island
"Brown Bear, What Do You See?"
    book banned in Texas
Brownie camera
    photos of Pearl Harbor
Brutus the dog
    Medal of Honor winner
    see FAQ
Bud Frogs screen saver
Buddhist extremists kill Christians
    frogs screen saver
    pulled from shelves in Bakersfield
    see FAQ
Bug infects with virus
Bugslife screen saver
Bull semen
    see Red Bull
Bureau of Indian Affairs
    E-mail tracking
Burger King
    bows down to Sharia law
    left-handed Whopper
Burn treatments
    egg whites
    see George W. Bush

    Canadian health bill
C-93 Virus in Windows Outlook
    ovarian cancer test
Caitlyn Jenner
    Arthur Ashe Courage Award
    regrets becoming a female
    star in American Horror Story
    to pose in Playboy
    made from pig rectum
California virus
    see Wobbler virus
Call center
    ask for U.S representative
    it's the law
Cambodian Midget Fighting League
Camel spiders
    eat camels
    eat flesh
    inject anesthesia
    jump six feet
    large as dinner plates
    run 25 mph
Canadian beef
    see McDonald's
Canadian flag color change
    matches Conservative Party color
    new-look is red, white, and blue
Canadian Mayor
    tells Muslims to pound pork
    see Muslims
Canadian train is missing
    cancer from e-cigarette
    cancer in a can
        see Pringles
    cancer is a fungus
    Nutella causes cancer
    refrigerator magnets
    update by Johns Hopkins
Cannibal pedophile
Canola oil
Cap & Trade bill
    license to sell home
Caps for chemo
Car air conditioner
    causes cancer
    see FAQ
Car bumping
    see Gangs
Card for You
    see Olympic Torch virus
    see Postcard virus
    $10/$100 bill on windshield
    $100 bill laced with chemical
    paper on rear window
Carly Fiorina
    campaigning on her record
    lied during debate (true)
    see Ted Cruz
Carved tree
    in India
    in South Africa
Casey Anthony dead
    man-eating catfish
    fur coats made from cats
    how to give a cat a colonic
    photo of giant cat
    Snowball the cat photo
Celebrity deaths
    see Death hoaxes
Cell phones
    5 things a cell phone can do
    800-year-old cell phone
    90# / #90
    call 112
        see FAQ
    causes gas station fires
    cell phone electrocution
    child electrocuted
    cook an egg
    cook popcorn
    display serial number
    hidden battery power
    low battery radiation
    Muslim women buy pre-paid phones
    numbers going public
    see Cosmic rays
    shut down phone for 3G update
    unlock a car door
    use left ear while using phone
Cell phone virus
    virus in phone causes death
    Celecom screen saver
Cemetery of giants in Africa
CEO salaries
    see Charity CEO salaries
Cerro Gordo Elementary School
Chain letters
    see Boycott letters
    see Urban legends
Chainsaw massacre
Charity CEO salaries
    American Red Cross
    Salvation Army
    United Way
    World Vision, Canada
Charles Stanley
    see James Dobson
Charleston church shooter raped
Cheating at gas pump
    Cartersville, Georgia

    aerospace worker fired
    Bill Gates admits to chemtrails
    company sells chemtrail device
    Evergreen Aviation
    see Contrails
    video shows chemtrails
Chicken wings
    cause ovarian cysts
    contain steroids

    made from rat meat
Chickens from China
Child abducted at [fill in location]
Child brides
    475 grooms wed girls under 10

Child-love dolls
Child Protection Unit
    see Petitions
    see South African Police Service
Child's arm crushed by car
    stealing bread

China demands U.S. land for debt
Chinese $600 car
    see VW XL1 banned in U.S.
Chinese ammo
    caused gun to explode
Chinese miner found alive
    after 17 years underground
    no pork to appease Muslims
    uses dog and cat meat
    see RFID chips
Chris Christie
    reduce teacher pay
Christ & God cut from interview
    Matt Lauer interview
    NBC interview
    SEAL killed in Afghanistan
    SEAL killed in Libya
    Today Show interview
Christian church converts to mosque
Christian couples divorcing
Christian missionary families
    22 executed in Afghanistan
Christian pastor in Vermont sentenced
Christian RFID implant
    see RFID chips
Christian urban legends
    see Religious hoaxes
Christian soldiers face court-martial
Christian websites shut down
    Google shuts down Christian sites
    Obama orders Christian site shutdown
    Patriarch Kirill I
    see FAQ
    U.S. Army shuts down websites
    U.S. orders millions to shut down
Christians burned alive in Nigeria
Christians killed by Buddhists
Christians not welcome at Starbucks
    see Starbucks
    9-yr-old suspended from school
    at the White House
        no religious ornaments
    banned because it offends Muslims
    banned in Maryland school
    cards at VA hospitals
    cards banned to military
    cards for recovering soldiers
    Cardwell, Australia
    offensive to Muslims
    war on Christmas
Chuck E. Cheese
    satanic ritual dungeon
Chuck Norris
Church stones woman to death
CIA ran Afghan opium trade
Circle K soda giveaway
    changing name to Petro Express
Class project
    name game
    science project
    see Chain letters
    see Sulfnbk.exe
"Clear" button at gas pump
Climate change
    sceptics deny existence of moon
Clint Eastwood
    moving to Amarillo, Texas
    moving to Hot Springs, Arkansas
    moving to Parkville, Missouri
    Bill Clinton and Enron
    Clinton Body Count
    see Bill Clinton
    see Hillary Clinton
Clinton-Gore Confederate flag pin
Cloned dinosaur
    police can shoot clowns
    bought Dr Pepper recipe
    Coke and mangos cause death
    Coke and Mentos cause death
    Coke vs water
    Dasani water recalled
    harmful acidity
    kills brain cells
    on pork makes worms appear
    owned by Mormons
    sending money to Israel
    see Roaches
    see Subway
Coconuts or sharks
Code grabber
    steal keyless entry codes
Coin in car door handle
Cold water
    don't use to take medicine
Cold water after eating
    causes cancer
    causes heart attacks
Colorado school & Sharia law
    students forced to comply
Colorado voter fraud
Columbia space shuttle
    cracks in the wing photo
    explosion photos
    setting sun photo
Comet ISON
    power grid blackout
Comet to hit Earth
    see Asteroid to hit Earth
Compaq Computer Corporation
    see Upgrade Internet
Conference invitation
    see Scams
    members earn salaries for life
    gets free medical care for life
Congressional Reform Act
    28th amendment
    35 states and counting
    photo of wounded Marine
    Warren Buffett
Conspiracy theories
    aluminum foil deflector beanie

    how to foil government spys
Contact lenses
    fuse to eyes while BBQing
    heat melts lenses in eyes
Coors Light contains cocaine
Corpus Christi
    gay Jesus movie
Cosmic rays
    between 10:30 PM and 3:30 AM
    between 12:30 AM and 3:30 AM
    from Mars
    switch off mobile devices
    warning from BBC News
    warning from NASA
    warning from Singapore TV
Costa Rican bananas
    flesh-eating bacteria
    see John Cotter
    see Muslims
Cougars on a porch
    same photos, different states
Cough CPR
    see FAQ
Country Living & Ebony magazines
    what do people fear most?
Cracker Barrel changing name
Craig Robinson
    job saved by stimulus funds
Crocodile bites bungee jumper
Crocodile photos
    see Hurricane Katrina
Crunches biscuits
    contains poisonous chemical
    killed 45 people
    see Bompie frozen juice
    see DEW bottled water
Crying baby
    see Gangs
    serial killer
Crystal pyramid[s]
    in Bermuda Triangle
Customer service center
    ask for U.S representative
    it's the law

Daisy the dog
    see World Trade Center
Dalai Lama
    Good Karma mantra
    Instructions for Life
    Maha Mrityonjaya mantra
    mantra audio file
Dana virus
    learn to love
Dance of the Hillary virus
Dance of the Pope virus
Dasani water recalled
Dave & Buster's
    Harry Reid banned
    Joe Biden banned
Dave's brother
    a very advanced programmer
    see Olympic Torch virus
    see Postcard virus
David Jeremiah
    see James Dobson
David E. Cole letter
David W. Forrest, Ph.D .
    see McDonald's
Days of darkness
    see Nasa
Dear Friends
Dearborn enacts Sharia law
Death hoaxes
Death in live video
Death panels
    see Health care
Debt ceiling lie
Dell hospital
Delusional candidates
Democratic National Convention
    no Amercan flags
Dennis Miller
    Trying to Help
Denzel Washington
    Fisher House
    Today show
    see Anti-perspirant
Department of Homeland Security
    bought 2,700 tanks
    bought mass quantities of ammo
    domestic anti-personnel rounds
    employees on terrorist watch list
    permit needed to play music
    see Ammunition
Despite virus
DEW bottled water
    contains poisonous chemical
    contaminated with Ebola
    killed 180 people
    see Bompie frozen juice
    see Crunches biscuits
    see Department of Homeland Security
Dick Act of 1902 (adopted in 1903)
    cannot be repealed (was never true)
    divides militia into three groups
    Guard can't serve outside of state
    invalidates all gun-control laws
    right of unlimited gun ownership
Dihydrogen Monoxide
Dinosaur egg has hatched
    in Berlin museum
    see Cloned dinosaur
    Johns Hopkins
    Walter Reed
    water bottle in heated car
Disney giveaway
Do not go under the rain
    BBC flash news
    radioactive rain
    see James Dobson
Dog fighting in Las Vegas
    casino owners want it legalized
Dogs, ice water & bloat
Dog meat
    served in L.A. restaurant
Dog thefts
    letter "K" on driveway
    stickers on gates or doors
    stickers on vehicle tires
Donald Trump «click for hoaxes
Don't eat this fish
    Panga (Pangasius)
Doritos $5 coupon offer
Doug Stephener
Dove soap
    see Head & Shoulders
Down syndrome tiger
Dr Pepper to halt production
Drew Brees broken legs
Drinking age
    lowered to 18
    raised to 23 or 25
Driver's license on Internet
    see FAQ
DTV converter box
    hidden camera
Duchess of Cambridge is Jewish
Dunkin' Donuts closing
Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson
Dylann Roof raped in prison

E-mail or get a virus
E-mail petitions
    see Petitions
E-mail tax
    Bill 602P
E-mail tracking
Eagles can rejuvenate themselves
    new feathers, talons and beaks
    Japanese mother saves child
Egg on windshield
    new way to commit robbery
Egyptian army remains found
Eid holiday stamp
    Obama orders issue
El Poco
    Flashmaster G
Elephant baby
Elephant killed while it was eating
Elf Bowling
Elizabeth Warren
    $430k for teaching at Harvard
    is part Native American
    lives in 5.4 million dollar mansion
    practised law without a license
Elvis Presley
Eminem quits music
    going into rehab
    quitting music
Emma Maersk
    sails from China to California
    supplies Walmart
Empire cancelled by Fox
End of the World Predictions
Energy drinks contain bull semen
    Bill Clinton
    roach eggs in glue
    free computer or phone
    disguised as perfume
Evil the Cat
    see James Dobson
Exploding biscuit dough
    biscuit bullet
    Pillsbury biscuit canister
    woman shot in head
Exploding toilet
    Israeli cockroach joke
Extraterrestrial cemetery in Africa
Eyeball-licking in Japan
E-ZPass to catch speeders

F-35 jet back-flip video
F/A-37 Talon
Facebook  «click for hoaxes
Fake news websites
    see Satirical news websites
Fallen angel
False flag operations
Family kills elephant
Family Pictures
Fappy the dolphin
Fareed Zakaria
FatCat virus
Father banned from La Plata HS
FBI & Southern Poverty Law Center
FBI shuts down Internet on July 9
FCC petition 2493
    ban religious broadcasts
Febreze kills pets
Females in freezers
FIFA scandal
Fight Club 2
Financial reform bill
    it's not a taxpayer bailout
    it's not a "too big to fail" bill
Five-headed Cobra photo
Flag-folding ceremony
    special meaning to 13 folds
    VA forbids recitation of ceremony
Flag pins on reporters
Flappy Bird
    7 reports of suicide
    developer commits suicide
    teen kills his brother
Flashing headlights
    see Gangs
Flashlight apps are malware
Flashmaster G
    El Poco
Flesh-eating bacteria
    Costa Rican bananas
    in clothing shipments to USA
    South African bananas
Flight 297
    Muslims on a plane
    Tedd Petruna
    terrorist dry run

Flower for You
Flu shot shortage
    John Edwards
Flying Bird Man video
    Jarno Smeets
Foot N Mouth
Forbidden to write about Jesus
    see Facebook
Ford Fusion half-price offer
Foreign customer call center
    see Customer service center
Founded by geniuses, run by idiots
    see Jeff Foxworthy
Fox News: Obamacare is 'Slavery'
Fox News banned in Canada
Frances Bavier (Aunt Bee)
    see Genetically modified bull
Fred Maslack
    Vermont gun law
Freddie Gray
Free cars to welfare recipients
Free gas to welfare recipients
Free M&Ms
Free Money
Free Pizza
    see Hotmail
Frogs and Fishes
Frozen lemons
    see Lemons
Fukushima nuclear plant
    giant mutant dog photo
    giant mutant tortoise photo
    image of radioactive flow in ocean
    map of nuclear fallout path to U.S.
    mutated giant squid off Calif. coast
    mutated oarfish off Calif. coast
    radioactivity caused ocean to boil
    whales killed by radiation

Gangs and gang initiations
GAP E-mail Tracking
Garth Brooks
    keep Canadian beef out of U.S.
Gas pump cheating
    Cartersville, Georgia
Gas pump scam
    press "clear" after fueling
Gas rationing
    in California
Gas tax
    starts Jan. 1, 2015
    three dollar federal tax
Gasoline boycott
    see FAQ
Gay Jesus movie
    Corpus Christi
Gays deserve to die
    see Salvation Army
Genetic organisms
    Kentucky Fried Chicken
Genetically modified bull
Genetically modified foods
    first case of human death
    Fort Sumner, NM
    release sulfates into atmosphere
George W. Bush
    arrested for cocaine possession
    Bush converts to Islam
    daughter converted to Islam
    mentioned in Reagan Diaries
    was asked to leave Ft. Hood
George Carlin
    A Bad American
    Hurricane Rules
    Paradox of Our Time
    Views on aging
George Zimmerman
    arrested in Ferguson, MO
    hired by FOX News
    Koch brothers pay legal fees
    Obama files federal charges
    Obama organized protest rallies
    sued Trayvon Martin's parents
    won Florida state lottery
Georgia will legalize marijuana
German's view on Islam
Germans bombed Pearl Harbor
    see Joe Biden
    see Keith Ellison
Get More Money
Ghost photo
    Malayan cemetery
Ghost ship with Ebola-ridden rats
Gianna Peponis
    alien photos
    is dead
Giant skeleton in Australia
Giant skeletons found in...
    African cemetery
    Saudi Arabia
    the land of Canaan
Gift cards and bankruptcy
    see FAQ
Gift certificates
    see Giveaway hoaxes
Gift for you
    see Klingerman virus
Girl born with hands together
    born last weekend
Girl Scouts
    are pro-abortion
    promotes lesbianism
Girl Thing
Giveaway hoaxes
    house fires
    gel candle fires
    PlugIns fires
Glenn Beck
    raped and murdered girl in 1990
Global currency
    causes brain tumors
    dangerous chemical in Red Bull
    see Hotmail
GMO bulls
    see Genetically modified bull
GMO food
    see Genetically modified foods
    discovered in DNA
    is a woman
    message from God on Mars
Good Times
Google Earth
    woman found on deserted island
Google shuts down websites
    see Christian websites shut down
Google work-from-home schemes
    anything "Google" related
    Easy Google Profit
    Google Money Tree
    Google Treasure Chest
    Your Google Income
Government redraws U.S. map
    eliminates 16 states
    eliminates Hawaii
Government warning about soap
    see Head & Shoulders
Grammar Bug
    see Zero gravity day
Green moon
    on April 20, 2016
    on May 29, 2016
    30,000 guillotines
    Congress authorized use
    Congress buys guillotines
    U.S. government buys guillotines
    see New World Order
Gullibility virus
Gun confiscation in Boston
    72 killed, 200 injured
    National Guard troops ambushed
Gun confiscation in New York
Gun tax (S. 2099, SB 2099)
    list guns on 1040 tax form
    pay $50 tax
Gun thefts from vehicles
    marking license plates or wheels
    National Skeet Shooting Association
    police chief in San Antonio
Guns & ammo
    see ammunition
Guts to Say Jesus
    Returned or Unable to Deliver

    any scary vaccination story
    see Swine flu
H.B. 1388 (H.R. 1388)
    Palestinian immigration
H.R. 347
H.R. 875
    outlaw organic farming
H.R. 4646
    1% tax on bank transactions
    Debt Free America Act
    Obama recommends 1% tax
    Pelosi recommends 1% tax
H.R. 4667
    huge VA benefits increase
H.R. 8791
    Terrorism Preparedness Bill
Hackers List
Hacky Birthday virus
Hairy Palms virus
Haiti earthquake
    American Airlines flying in doctors
    Facebook gives $1 for status update
    fundraising e-mails
    JetBlue flying in doctors
    phone companies donate 25¢
    UPS free shipping
    no Christmas cards
Hallmark postcard virus
    see Olympic Torch virus
    see Postcard virus
Halloween on Friday the 13th
Halloween virus
Hamas weddding
    450 child-brides

Hands of God photo
    Hurricane Charley
    on soda cans
    rat urine virus
Harrisonville gas stations
    gas station fraud
Harry Reid
    assaulted by his brother
    banned from Dave & Buster's
    see horse-thief ancestor
Harwin Central Mall
    9/11 terrorist
    Imam Ali
Haunted house chainsaw massacre
Having a Bad Day at Work
    Shark attacks helicopter
Head & Shoulders
    infection from using shampoo
    see Susan McKinley
Head transplant
Health care (Obamacare)
    2 million jobs will be lost
    28th Amendment
    ask about gun ownership
    babies under 2 not covered
    bill to make Congress exempt
    care for illegal immigrants
    cause increase in divorce rate
    chip implants: mark of the beast
    Congress and staff are exempt
    cost will rise 127% in 2015
    death panel orders first execution
    death panels
    discriminates against disabled
    Dr. Suzanne Allen
    drivers license will be suspended
    eliminate TRICARE
    employers cut workers' hours
    ethics panels
    federal tax lien on your home
    fines seized from bank accounts
    forced home inspections
    Fox News: Obamacare is 'Slavery'
    free gas for the poor
    GOP replacement plan
    gun tax has been hacked
    health insurance will be taxed
    hospital admissions
    insurance company bailout
    insurance will be taxed
    Johnson City Medical Center
    letter from senior in Arizona
    man arrested for not enrolling
    mark of the beast: chip implants
    Medicare rationing
    Medicare stops for 75 & over
    memo on Medicare changes
    Muslims exempt from buying
    navigators will steal information
    no one over 75 gets Medicare
    Obamacare bailout
    pays for abortions
    poison pill amendment
    promotes suicide for seniors
    rate shock
    ration health care for seniors
    Republican health plan
    RFID chip implants
    senior death warrant
    seniors denied cancer care
    seniors denied health care
    socialized medicine
    tax increases
    tax real estate sales
    VA takes away Vets gun permits
    Will Sheehan Facebook post
Heart attacks
    see Cold water after eating
    see Cough CPR
    see Hot water after eating
    slide show
Helen White
    see Nigerian scam
    48 hours
Help Poor Dog
    biggest dog photo
    world's biggest dog
Here you have it
    NOT the "here you have" worm
    see Life is Beautiful
Hidden camera
    in DTV converter box
Hidden needles
    see Needles
Hillary Clinton
    $600 haircut
    Benghazi conspiracy
    Black Panthers
    body double
    child-rapist freed
    Clinton body count
    confiscate our guns
    congressional salary for life
    dance of the Hillary virus
    Democrat voters are dumb
    fired from Watergate investigation
    fraudulent ballots in Ohio
    Gold Star Mothers
    Google in the tank for Hillary
    hacked e-mails
    had JFK Jr. killed
    has brain cancer
    has health problems
    hires cast of SyFy reality show
    horse-thief ancestor
    Kevin McCarthy statement
    KKK and neo-Nazi support
    KKK donates $20k
    mail server hacked
    Monsanto connection
    name Obama to Supreme Court

    Nancy Reagan endorsement
    Obama is a Muslim
    on Monsanto board
    pays for favorable polling
    photo with bin Laden
    photo with Confederate flag
    raise taxes on middle class
    Secret Service pays mortgage
    see "Benghazi conspiracy" above
    she isn't hot enough
    shut down Breitbart
    shut down conspiracy websites
    shut down the NRA
    snaps at reporter
    supporter stomps on U.S. flag
    take away your guns
    Trump is ISIS recruiting tool
    Vince Foster
    virus warning (real)
    voter machine fraud
    wants to "take away our guns"
    Yoko & Hillary affair
Hitler virus hoax
    canned fruit from Thailand
    hidden needles
    in ketchup
    infected blood in bananas
    infected blood in Pepsi
    oranges from Libya
    see AIDS
    see Needles
Hobby Lobby
    kill white people in Zimbabwe
    University of Kentucky
Home Depot embraces Sharia law
Home invasion
    Patricia Harrington
Homeland Security
    see Department of ...
Homeland Terrorism Preparedness bill
    H.R. 8791
    Rep. John Haller
Homeless man
    see Bob Marley
    see Elvis Presley
Homosexuals deserve to die
    see Salvation Army
    giant hornets in Nebraska
    mutated Fukushima hornets
Horse-thief ancestor
    Al Gore
    Dick Cheney
    G. W. Bush
    Harry Reid
    Hillary Clinton
    Joe Biden
    Remus (fill in any last name)
    Stephane Dion (Canada)
    Ted Stevens
Horses need homes «outdated
Hot water after eating
    helps prevent cancer
    helps prevent heart attacks
Hotel room key card
    forward an e-mail
    too many users
House fires
    Glade PlugIns
How to beat a traffic ticket
How to deep fry a cat
How to give a cat a colonic
Human centipede
Human hybrids
Human/gorilla hybrid
Human magnetism
Human meat in hamburgers
    see McDonald's
Hurricane Charley
    Hands of God photo
Hurricane Isabel
    oil tanker photos
Hurricane Katrina
    crocodile photos
    escaped prisoners
    speed camera photo
Hurricane photo
Hypodermic needles
    see Needles

    cell phone virus
Ice bucket challenge
Ice water, dogs & bloat
Identity theft
    see Scams
If you own a home, please read this
    see Health care
Illegal aliens
    non-resident tax exemption
    see Refugees get more than retirees
    to get Social Security
        Senate voted this week
I'm your shadow
Imam Ali
    9/11 terrorist
    Harwin Central Mall
Immigrant protest sign
    see Shoot more police
Immigration legislation
    illegals get education grants
    illegals get free cars
    illegals get Obamacare
    illegals get Social Security
    illegals granted amnesty
In-N-Out Burger
    cheap food on Oct. 22
    low prices on anniversary
In God We Trust
    missing from $1 coin
    missing from Pepsi can
In praise of older women
    see Andy Rooney
Incandescent bulbs
    law bans use or manufacture
    law mandates use of CFLs
    bug infects with virus
    woman has 11 babies
    see Gangs
Insect infects with virus
Insect spy drones
    deleting accounts
    see Hotmail
Instant noodles
    see Ramen noodles
    AOL merger
Internal Revenue Service
    see Scams
International Driver's License
Internet access charge
Internet cleanup day
    shut down the Internet
Internet Flower for You
Internet petitions
    see Petitions
Invisible artwork
    artist makes millions
    Lana Newstrom
Invitation virus
    see Olympic Torch virus
    ants react to ringing phone
    asymmetric screw
    Ebola virus in iPhone6
    iOS 7 makes phone waterproof
    iPhone 7 headphone jack
    January 1, 1970
    microwave to charge battery
    water improves speaker quality
Iranian boy punished for stealing
    punished under Sharia law
Irish babies in septic tank
    see Scams
    attacks in multiple UK areas
    attack kills 27 in Eugene, OR
    has access to Dihydrogen Monoxide
    Hollywood studio made videos
    is a U.S. plot
    ISIS flag at gay parade
    members knocking on doors
    training in Mexico
    youth center opens in Dearborn
Islamic hoaxes
    see Muslims
Israeli cockroach
    exploding toilet joke
IT support scam
    see Scams
It takes guts to say Jesus
    Returned or Unable to Deliver
    baby born with hands in prayer

j_neutron07 virus
Jackie Chan is dead
Jade Helm
    Clint, Texas, residents chipped
    disappointed coup not real
    first civilian casualty
    military preparing for asteroid
    more Jade Helm insanity
James Dobson
    ban religious broadcasts
    petition 2493
Japan disaster
    ½ second before tsunami photo
    mother saves child
Japanese whaling crew eaten alive
Jason Stallings
    rockhard abs
    see Sulfnbk.exe
    see Sulfnbk.exe
Jeb Bush
    Obama abandoned Iraq
Jeff Bezos
    buys Washington Post by accident
Jeff Foxworthy
    founded by geniuses, run by idiots
    "you may be a muslim" jokes
Jeremiah Steepek
    photo of homeless man
Jesus Christ
    celebrated Easter
    not coming back
    proof of miracle
    Snopes debunks existence of Jesus
Jim Morrison alive in Paris
Jimmy Carter
    banned Iranians from entering U.S.
    marijuana cured his cancer
Jockey euthanized
Joe Biden
    banned from Dave & Buster's
    enters Betty Ford Center
    Germans bombed Pearl Harbor
    Jennifer Britmore
    put gun in woman's mouth
    toddler knocked unconscious
Joel Osteen
    ban religious broadcasts
    petition 2493
    resigns due to lack of faith
John Brennan is a Muslim
John Cotter, Lt. Col.
    cell phones to Iraq/Afghanistan
    Muslims in Fresno
    women in burqas buy cell phones
John England
    see Nigerian scam
John Hartley Robinson
    living in Vietnam
    missing soldier
John Kennedy Jr Trojan
John McCain
    illegitimate black baby
    Wilson sisters letter (Heart)
John Paul and Virgin Mary photo
Johns Hopkins
    cancer update
    see Dioxin
Johnson's baby shampoo
    blinded baby
Join the Crew
Jokerkid613/Ja$on MoNeY
JonBenét Ramsey is Katy Perry
Jordan Global Loan Corporation
    see Scams
Joyce Meyer
    is dead
    missionaries to be executed
    see James Dobson
Joys of Muslim Women
    by Nonie Darwish
Julia Gillard says adapt or leave
Just for you
    see Klingerman virus
Justice for Jamie
Justin Bieber
    moving to Gulf Shores, Alabama
    moving to Sandy, Oregon
    moving to Wildwood, Missouri

K-7 Soviet bomber photo
    let's watch TV
Kangaroos raise boy
Karl Marx quote about the economy
Kate Middleton is Jewish
Katy Perry is JonBenét Ramsey
Keith Ellison
    Germans bombed Pearl Harbor
Keith Urban
    divorcing Nicole Kidman
    told Canadians to leave concert
Kentucky Fried Chicken
    cloned chickens
    disfigured girl asked to leave
    expelled for breastfeeding
    genetically manipulated organisms
    genetically modified chickens
    selling marijuana in Colorado
    see HIV
Kevin Archer
Key rings contain tracking device
Keyless entry
    see Code grabber
    hotel room key card
    see Kentucky Fried Chicken
Kid and Play come out as gay
Kidney theft
Kill a pit bull day
Killer in your fridge
    see Aspartame hoax
Killer insect
Killer whale video
    see Videos
Kim Davis
    converts to Islam
    divorce is cause to deny gays
    met with Pope Francis
    Peruvian prayer rally
Kim Jong Un is dead
Kinder Joy chocolates
    wax causes cancer
Kittens in a jar
    Bonsai kittens
Klingerman virus
    Blue package
    Gift for you
    Human virus
    Just for you
    see Quran
    contains plastic

L.A. restaurant serves dog meat
La Plata High School
Largest helicopter in the world
Larry Latam (see McDonald's)
    Alberta Cattle Feeders Assc.
    South American beef
Las Vegas to legalize dog fighting
    casino owners want to legalize
Lawful Interception Recovery Fee
Lawrence Biddenback Arthur
    see Nigerian scam
Learn to love
    dana virus
Legoland child abduction
    see Child abducted at
    from Institute of Health Sciences
    frozen lemons
    limes grow on same tree
    proven cancer remedy
    stronger than chemotherapy.
Leon Panetta
    issued the order to kill bin Laden
    radical anti-American daughter
        see Linda Panetta
Leonardo DiCaprio
    moving to Baie-Saint-Paul, Canada
    moving to Berry, NSW, Australia
    moving to Woodstock, Illinois
    on soda cans
    rat urine virus
Let's watch TV
LGBTQ parents should be put to death
    see Salvation Army
Liberal media
License required to sell house
    Cap & Trade bill
License to drive farm tractor
Life after death proven
Life is Beautiful
    renamed "Here you have it"
    like-farming examples
Linda Panetta
    daughter of Leon Panetta
Lindsey Graham
    to undergo sex change
    causes cancer
    test for lead
Little Mommy Cuddle 'n Coo doll
    see Scams
Lowes sells American-flag doormat
Lump of Coal virus
Lunar landing
    see "Moon landing"

MacDonald's screensaver virus
    also see McDonald's
Madalyn Murray O'Hair
    Ban religious programming
    FCC petition 2493
    Touched by an Angel
MADD petition
Mail Server Report virus warning
    see FAQ
Make money fast
Malaysia Airlines MH370
    captured by the U.S. Navy
    destroyed over patent dispute
    divers find Mother Mary statue
    Mossad blew up the plane
    new Bermuda Triangle found
    photo of plane in the water
    shot down over Diego Garcia
    video of missing plane
Mammoth, Arizona
Man smuggles cow eyeballs
Man with pig
Mangos and Coca-Cola
    causes death if consumed together
Map of U.S. redrawn
    eliminates 16 states
    eliminates Hawaii
Marco Rubio
    rape victims belong in custody
    manufactured to fatten turkeys
    one molecule away from plastic
    see FAQ
Maria at Dell Hospital
    37 dead in Colorado
    Costco to sell marijuana
    Georgia will legalize
    gummy candy kills 21 people
    KFC sells it in Colorado
    Marcus injected marijuana
    Marlboro marijuana cigarettes
    McDonald's smoking areas
    planet covered with marijuana
    Texas will legalize
    THC found on meteorite
Marilyn Monroe
    CIA agent admits killing
Mark Hoopes
    see Nigerian scam
Marmara cargo ship video
Maroochydore High School
    see Answering machine message
    close to Earth on August 27
    cosmic rays
    NASA finds message from God
    see Cosmic rays
    two moons on August 27
Mars chocolate contains pork
    red dot inside a red square
    warning to Muslims
Martial law
    martial law road signs
    video reveals martial law plans
Marty McFly
Maryland school bans Christmas
Massachusetts gun confiscation
    see Gun confiscation in Boston
Matrix virus
Matt Damon is moving
    see Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie
Matt Lauer interview
    Christ reference removed
    SEAL killed in Afghanistan
    SEAL killed in Libya
    Little Mommy Cuddle 'n Coo doll
Maureen Dowd
    Obama fundraising
Maya Angelou
    Beautiful Christian Sister
    I Am a Christian
    Things I've Learned
        interviewed on Oprah show
Mayor Michael Bloomberg
    NY Mayor denied 2nd slice of pizza
    see John McCain
    600 aborted fetuses in Alabama
    Abe Finkelstein
        see "human meat in hamburgers" ↓
    African-American $1.50 fee
    Alberta Cattle Feeders Assc.
    all stores to close by 2016
    Big Mac removed from menu
    coffee contains french fry grease
    David W. Forrest, Ph.D.
    dead children in UK burgers
    eliminating Big Macs
    exposed for using human meat
        human meat in Oklahoma
    human meat in hamburgers
    imports beef from South America
    Larry Latam
    leave out food - memo
    marijuana smoking areas
    mixtapes in children's Happy Meals
    overweight people
    Rabbi Abe Finkelstein
        see "human meat in hamburgers" ↑
    refuse homeless people
    see Ball pit
    semen in mayonnaise
    sending money to Israel
    Texas Cattle Feeders Assc.
    worm meat in burgers
    from illegal immigrants
    see Vaccines
Meat glue
Media has a liberal bias
    ask about gun ownership
    see Health care
    stops for age 75 or older
Medicare Advisory Board
    death panels
    capsized South African boat
    Collin Drake
    Madelyn Joubert
    Shark Week "documentary"
Megyn Kelly in trouble
Mel Brooks
    On Being A Jew
Mel Gibson
    daughter marries Jewish man
    man without a face
Mentos and Coca-Cola
    causes death if consumed together
Mentos and Pepsi
    causes death if consumed together
Mercury poisoning
    photos of injured foot
    Salisbury, MD, Fire Deparment
    Animal Planet
    dead Florida mermaid
    Hurricane Ike mermaid
    see Photos
Merry Christmas virus
    see Olympic Torch virus
Message from a friend
    see Olympic Torch virus
Message from God
    found on Mars by NASA
Meteor shower
    April 22, 2013
    August 12 & 13, 2012
    rarest meteor shower
Meteor to hit Earth
    planet X
    September 24, 2015
Michael Bloomberg
    NY Mayor denied 2nd slice of pizza
Michael J. Fox arrested
Michael Jordan
    lowers shoe prices
    robbed for shoes in Chicago
Michael Vick
    bitten by pit bull
Micheal Kane
    see Nigerian scam
Michele Bachmann
    blames swine flu on Democrats
    dinosaur bones should be dirty
    Jesus spoke English
    lost her health insurance
    need a President like Benjamin Franklin
    wants to ban Halloween
    will leave state if gay marriage is legal
    "who likes white people" video
Michelle Obama
    American Flag gown
    API interview
    clothes bought with tax dollars
    compared Barack to biblical figures
    did not salute the flag
    eat fried chicken after voting
    files for divorce
    flag folding ceremony
    founding fathers not born in America
    government-funded soup kitchen
    is a man
    Jeff Bauman in Boston Hospital
    kids listed as senior staffers
    left-handed flag salute photo
    letter to Kanye West
    Medal of Honor recipient invitation
    Monsanto photo
    not allowed in Sharia law countries
    personal staff size
    Sasha is transgender
    scam victims' compensation fund
    see Craig Robinson
    smacked in the face by Sarah Palin
    surrendered law license
    thank-you note to America
    visits bin Laden son in Boston hospital
    Waldorf-Astoria room service
    wants to confiscate all guns
    waving Communist flags
    waves red flag [see above]
    White House ball "pimp" photo
    White House built by slaves
    "whitey" video
    won't release college thesis
    see RFID chips
    AOL merger
    Bill Gates $1000 give away
    E-mail tracking rebates
    Homepage virus
    Walt Disney chain letter
Microwaved water
    harmful to plants
Midget census taker kidnapped
Mike Huckabee
    Josh Duggar
Mike Pence
    no name-calling allowed
Miley Cyrus
    burned a Bible on stage
    is dead
Millennium Time Bomb
Miller's free beer
    Jewish children killed by Nazis
Missing day
    NASA discovers missing day
Missing soldier
    living in Vietnam
    Sgt. John Hartley Robinson
Missionaries killed in Afghanistan
Missouri gas station fraud
Mitch McConnell
    secret recording
Mitt Romney
    ancestors owned slaves
    created jobs in Massachusetts
    I can relate to black people
    I'll win, I'm the white guy.
    Michelle Obama not a lady
    MONEY shirt photo
    Obama cuts Medicare
    Obama guts welfare
    shoeshine photo
    should have offered fried chicken
    will outlaw tampons
    won't raise middle-class taxes
Mobile phone virus
Moment of Silence
    mark of the beast
    see RFID chips
Money Angel (chain letter)
Money bags
Money transfer
    see Nigerian Scam
    genetically modified marijuana
    genetically mutated ants
    Monsanto owned companies
    products are killing bees
    Russia to start World War III
    see Genetically modified foods
    see Sorcha Faal
Monster Energy Drink
    logo means 666 in Hebrew
Months with 5 Fridays
    happens once every 800 years
    see Money bags
    see Silver pockets full
    green moon
        on April 20, 2016
        on May 29, 2016
    sceptics deny its existence
    two moons on August 27
    will duplicate itself
Moon landing
    Apollo program was a fraud
    moon landings were fake
Moore Public Schools
     teacher fired for praying
Moreo Cookies
Motorcycle owners on gang list
Motrin & Robitussin
MP# virus
Mrs. Doubtfire movie remake
MS-13 gang
    see Gangs
    additive in coffee
    additive in Edwards coffee
    additive in Hortons coffee
    additive in Starbucks coffee
    causes headaches
    causes obesity
    Coca-Cola & MSG = Aphrodisiac
    Coca-Cola & MSG = drowsiness
    slow poison
    toxicity in cooked noodles
    see Hotmail
Mule vs mountain lion
Music machine
    made from farm equipment
    University of Iowa
    11 child mandate
    51 million child brides
    Airbus 340-600
    airport screening exemption
    Allen West
        victim of Sharia law
    Appreciation Month
        Obama declaration
    Arabic on Canadian police car
    baby with "Allah" birthmark
    blocking traffic in NY city
    bomb-sniffing dogs banned in UK
    break speed limit during Ramadan
    burned LGBT flags
    burqas on Illinois drivers licenses
    celebrating after 9/11
    cell phones to Iraq & Afghanistan
        Lt. Col. John Cotter
    Christian church converts to mosque
    Christians forced to wear hijabs
    crossing-guard burqa uniform
    death in the name of Allah
    Dick Smith Foods
    discovered America
    Dorval mayor won't remove pork
    Eid holiday stamp
        Obama orders issue
    exempt from airport body scans
    exempt from heath insurance
    eye and mouth sewn shut
    flight 297
    giant speaker system in mosque
    half the world Muslim by 2025
    Imam marries 6-yr-old girl
    John Brennan
    Julia Gillard says adapt or leave
    marking Christian homes
    Maryland school bans Christmas
    mass child-marriage in Gaza
    "Merry Christmas" is offensive
    Muslim foot bath
    Muslim women buy pre-paid phones
    Muslims against Peppa Pig
    Muslims discovered America
    no-go zones
    no pork at Chipotle
    Obama bans pork in prisons
    offended by [fill in the blank]
    pig races in Katy, TX
    prayer rug found at Arizona border
    praying on Madison Avenue
    remove pork from Belgium schools
    remove pork from Canadian school
    remove pork from Red Lobster
    Richard Dawkins converts to Islam
    Rick Mathes
    schools observe Muslim holidays
    sniffer dogs banned in the UK
    students forced to wear hijabs
    Target is Sharia-compliant
    Tedd Petruna
        Muslims on a plane
    Tesco refused to serve solider
    Texas mosque shut down
    University of Kentucky
    UK nurses don't wash hands
    see Hotmail

"Name Your Fetus" bill
    in Texas
Nancy Oley
Nancy Pelosi
    100% tax on windfall profits
    $803,700 a year and free medical
    USAF took away her jet
    days of darkness
    discovers marijuana planet
    discovers missing day
    distress call from another galaxy
         detected in 1998
    intergalactic distress call
    message from God on Mars
    no sun for 8 days
    see Asteroid to hit Earth
    see Cosmic rays
    see Meteor to hit Earth
    see Saturn
    weightless on January 4
National Do Not E-mail Registry
National Gang Week
National Guard troopsambushed
    see Gun confiscation in Boston
National ID card
    see Real ID Act
Naughty robot
Navy ship is weaponless
Nazi sub in Lake Ontario
NBA cancels All-Star Game in NC
NBC poll question
    do you believe in God?
Necrotizing fasciitis
    Costa Rican bananas
    South African bananas
Needles [urban legend]
    gas pumps in Florida
    in ball pit [Kevin Archer]
    in coin return slots
    in Pepsi cans
    on gas pump handles
    on theater seats
Needle can save stroke victim
Needle in Halloween candy
Neiman Marcus cookies
Nephilim found
    giants in the land of Canaan
update by Johns Hopkins
New Family Pictures
New Ice Age
New Pictures of Family
New poisonous spider in U.S.
    see Toilet spiders
New way to steal cars
    code grabber
    steal keyless entry codes
New World Order
    30,000 guillotines
    Congress authorized guillotine use
    Congress buys guillotines
    FEMA concentration camps
    martial law agenda
    Rex 84
    see North American Union
    U.S. government buys guillotines
New York abortion law
Newt Gingrich
    served dying wife divorce papers
NGO/CBO Workshop
    see Scams
Niagara Falls
    frozen in 1911
    frozen over
    Planet X
    see Meteor to hit earth
Nicole Kidman
    divorcing Keith Urban
Nidal Hasan
    awarded Legion of Merit
    promoted to Lt. Colonel
    was Obama advisor
Nigerian Scam
    see Scams
    see Scams
No-Go Zones
No breakfast for U.S. troops
No public services for Jews
Noah's Ark park destroyed in flood
    free computer or phone
    screensaver virus
    see Scams
Nonie Darwish
    Joys of Muslim Women
Norman virus
North American power grid
    shut down November 13-14
North American Union
North Texas mosque shut down
    see Muslims
Norton anti-virus
    Postcard virus
    Barack Obama
    City of God
    World Trade Center
NPR & PBS funding
    see Petitions
Nuclear Option
nuke in Charleston, SC
    causes cancer
    to be discontinued
NYPD officer kills baby

O.J. Simpson
    stealing cookies in prison
    see Barack Obama
    see Michelle Obama
    see Health care
Obese woman starves her kids
October 1 disaster
    see Comet ISON
    see Russian troops in U.S.
Oil rain
Oklahoma teacher fired for praying
     when tornado hit school
Oliver North testimony
    Al Gore
    Osama bin Laden
Olympic Torch virus
    aka Black in the White House
    aka Invitation
    aka Merry Christmas
    aka Windows Live update
    burns hard drive
    destroys sector zero
    message from a friend
    red alert for your computer
    gay official murdered
    Olympic Rings technician murdered
        killed due to Olympic ring failure
    are bacteria magnets
    on foot draws out toxins
    prevent the flu
Online friends day
    bouquets increase after forwarding
Open Doors prayer request
Open: very cool!
    A.I.D.S. virus
Oprah Winfrey
    buys BET
    leave a 10% tip
Osama bin Laden
    bin Laden shooter attacked
    is still alive
    see FAQ
    see Olympic Torch virus
    unofficial photos of bin Laden death
    unofficial videos of bin Laden death
    virus warning
Oscar Mayer
    doesn't support war or troops
    see FAQ
    see Starbucks
Outlaw organic farming
    H.R. 875
Ovarian cancer test
Overpay a traffic ticket
Owl cloned in Brazil

Pacific Northwest Tree Octopus
Pacific Palisades High School
    see Answering machine message
    see Sarah Palin
Panda after Japanese earthquake
Panda Express
    free food in Nov.
Panga (Pangasius)
    don't eat this fish
Paper on rear of car window
    new way of carjacking
Pastor Jeremiah Steepek
    photo of homeless man
Pastor Youcef Nadarkhani
    hanged in Iran
Patricia Harrington
    11-year-old girl
    home invasion
Patti LaBelle pies
Patty Myers
    letter to Alan Simpson
Paul Harvey
    movie review of The Passion
    right to prayer
    These Things I Wish for You
Paul Horner
    see Satirical news websites
Paul McCartney died in 1966
Paul Ryan
    insider stock trading
    poor people are like stray cats
    ran sub three-hour marathon
    thrown out of Easter Mass
PBR virus
    How to deep fry a cat
PBS & NPR funding
    see Petitions
    a sexual orientation under CA bill
    California passes pedophilia bill
    child-love dolls
    Democrats protect pedophiles
    Germany to legalize
    see Nancy Pelosi
Penny Brown
Penny in car door handle
Penpal greetings
Pentagon daycare facility

    9/11 Twin Towers design

    contains aborted fetal cells
    Kanye West
    needles in cans
    owned by Mormons
    Pepsi and Mentos causes death
    under God
    laced with drugs
    received in the mail
    used in robberies (ether)
Pearl Harbor photos
    taken with Brownie camera
Peter Popoff (psychic)
Petro Express
    changed name from CITGO
Phantom Menace
    see FAQ
Phone calls from +375
Photos «click for hoaxes
Pillsbury biscuit canister
    biscuit bullet
    exploding biscuit dough
    woman shot in head
PIN number
    in reverse notifies police
    reverse PIN required by law
    see FAQ
Plane loses wing
Planet X
    see Meteor to hit Earth
Planned Parenthood
    does not do mammograms
    selling baby parts
Plastic water bottle in car
    causes breast cancer
    see Dioxin
Poisonous spider in U.S.
    see Toilet spiders
Pokémon Go
"Politically correct" origin
Pool Party
Poor Dog
Pope Benedict
    boycott cars
    comes out as gay
Pope Francis
    animals go to heaven
    belief in God not necessary
    Bible and Koran are the same
    endorses Bernie Sanders
    endorses Donald Trump
    endorses Hillary Clinton
    killing & eating babies
    revise Ten Commandments
    says there is no God
Pope John Paul II
    photo with Virgin Mary
Postcard virus warning
    aka Virtual card for you
    burns hard disk
    CNN reports worst ever
    confirmed by Norton
    confirmed by Snopes
    Dave's brother
    destroys sector zero
    discovered by McAfee
    from Hallmark
    John's brother
    see FAQ
    see Olympic Torch virus
    money solves poverty
    winner dies of cocaine overdose
    winners giving away money
Power grid
    shut down November 13-14
Pray for Christian missionaries
    22 executed in Afghanistan
Prayer banned at VA cemeteries
Pregnant by flu vaccine
Pregnant by watching 3D porn film
Pregnant woman with 9 babies
Prehistoric owl cloned in Brazil
Prehistoric shark off Pakistan coast
Preteen girls wed in Gaza
    450 grooms wed girls under ten

    Arabic writing on can
    cancer in a can
        see FAQ
    causes cancer
        see FAQ
    made from old McDonald's fries
Prison photos
    in Canada
    in Chicago
    in United Kingdom
Proof of God
    abandoned puppies
    adopt puppies
    Black Labrador
    Golden Retriever
    puppies in a box
Purdon, Texas
Purell burns hands
Putin believes in space aliens

    flushed down toilet
    Quran 9:11
    Wrath of the Eagle

Rabbi Abe Finkelstein
    see McDonald's
Radiation from Mars
    see Cosmic rays
Radioactive rain
    BBC flash news
    do not go under the rain
Rahm Emanuel
    doesn't pay property tax
Rain forest - Brazil
Ramen noodles
    contains wax
    toxic MSG
Rand Paul
    is a conspiracy theroist
    killed in accidental drone strike
Raped by a pig
Rapper Drake arrested
Raspberry Ultra Drops
    endorsed by Dr.Oz
    endorsed by Fox News
Rat meat sold as chicken wings
Rat urine virus
    on soda cans
Ray Rice signs with Denver Broncos
Reagan Diaries
    ne'er-do-well George
Reaganomics work
Real ID Act
    chip implants
    federal ID number
    Katrina related legislation
    loss of all benefits
    see RFID chips
Red Alert
    Microsoft homepage virus
Red Bull
    advertising scam
    contains bull semen
    see Glucuronolactone
    slow death
Red Cross
    African spider
    Australian spider
    bans Christmas
    see Australian Red Cross
Red Lobster
    butter induced coma
    man eats 413 biscuits
Redneck mansion
    photo of trailers linked together
Refrigerator magnets
    cause cancer
    Princeton University report
Refugees get more than retirees
    in Australia
    in Canada
    in the United Kingdom
    in the United States
Reggie the dog (Tank)
Region III disaster
    see Comet ISON
    see Russian troops in U.S.
Religious Broadcasting
    Charles Stanley
    David Jeremiah
    James Dobson
    Joel Osteen
    Joyce Meyer
    Madalyn Murray O'Hair
    petition 2493
Religious hoaxes
Remote keyless entry
    code grabber steals key codes
    see Horse-thief ancestor
Rep. John Haller
    see Homeland Terrorism Preparedness Bill
    see H.R. 8791
    more dangerous than ISIS
    will outlaw tampons
Restaurant buys fetuses
Restaurant serves dog meat
Returned or Unable to Deliver
(this is not about the UPS virus)
    it takes guts to say Jesus
Reverse ATM pin
    see PIN number
Rex 84
    see New World Order
RFID chips
    1 in 3 Americans implanted
    all Americans chipped by 2017
    babies to be implanted
    Clint, Texas
    European babies implanted
    Hanna, Wyoming
    homeless to be implanted
    Obamacare requires implants
    Pope Francis endores chip implants
    school kids implanted by 2015
    see Health care
    see Real ID Act
    SoloHealth Station
    welfare recipients to be chipped
Richard Dawkins converts to Islam
Rick Santorum
    females have a mental disorder
    outlaw tampons
Right-wing media lies
    In glue (envelopes)
    In tacos
Robert Mugabe
    see Holocaust
Robin Williams
    peace plan
Robitussin & Motrin
Rockhard abs
    Jason Stallings
    see Mitt Romney
Ron Knouse
    see Andy Rooney
    WW II Memorial omission
Roswell UFO crash in 1947
    politicians born 9 months later
Ruins of ancient city found in Australia
Rumblr fight app
Russia to start World War III
    see Monsanto
Russian sleep experiment
Russian troops in U.S.
    15,000 troops to help FEMA
    FEMA Region III disaster
    provide security at mass events
    see Comet ISON

S. 2099 (SB 2099)
    gun-tax bill
    list guns on 1040 tax form
    pay $50 tax
Safe computing
Salisbury, MD, Fire Deparment
    photos of mercury poisoning
Salvation Army
    LGBTQ parents should be put to death
    homosexuals "deserve to die"
Sam Brownback e-mails
Same-sex marriage
    pastor sentenced to prison
    see Kim Davis
Sandy Hook conspirscy
    see False flag operations
Sanitary pads
    53 women died (2011)
    56 women died (2013)
    "Dairies" brand in Nigeria
    "Daries" brand in Johannesburg
    gel in napkins causes cancer
    see Tampons
    Tata Cancer Hospital
    turns blood green
    uterine & bladder cancer
    crying child police notice
    new way gangs rape women
    see Gangs
    urgent message
    see South African Police Service
Sarah Palin
    Anchorage Daily News interview
    banned book list
    Bernice Anders
    bikini photo
    Christie chooses Palin for VP
    didn't know Africa is a continent
    eat less Chinese food
    employees killed over Palin cartoon
    Eskimos are foreigners
    faked her pregnancy
    father of Bristol's baby is black
    invade Queensland
    invade the Czech Republic
    Jesus celebrated Easter
    Malaysia flight 370 flew to heaven
    Muslims hate Charlie Brown
    Native Americans should go to Nativia
    Negroes liked slavery
    nude photo
    opposed "bridge to nowhere"
    send illegals across the ocean to Mexico
    smacked Michelle Obama in the face
    solar-powered flashlight
    teaching at Harvard University
    teaching English
    tells Obama to invade Ebola
    Thanksgiving is for real Americans
    vaccinations cause homosexuality
    Van Halen
SARC Virus Test
Satirical news websites
    "" websites
    fake celebrity-news
    Paul Horner
    close to Earth on June 1
    close to Earth on May 31
Save Walter White
Scams (these are not hoaxes)
    1-800-flowers AOL scam
    1-ring telephone scam
    Adopt a puppy
    Advance fee scam
    Best Buy scam
    Census scam
    Chase Bank
    Conference invitation
    CRA tax scam (Canadian)
    Diversity Immigrant Visa
    Fake check scam
        see Advance feel scam
    Google Wallet car sale
    Grants & donations
    Harvard scholarship
    Hitman extortion scam
    International Monetary Fund
    IRS e-audit scam
    IRS form W-4100B2 scam
    IRS phone scam
    IRS refund scam
    Job offer
    Jury duty scam
    Lottery scam (any lottery offer)
    Medicare rebate check
    MTN Nigeria
    Mystery shopper
    National Do Not E-mail Registry
    NGO/CBO Workshop
    Nigerian scam
    NLF ONLINE Lottery
    Noma Children Hospital
    Offer to loan money
    Obituary scams
    Overpayment scam
        see Advance feel scam
    PayPal scam
    Red Bull advertising scam
    Regions Bank
    Secret shopper
    Stranded traveller
    Sweepstakes scam
    Visa/MasterCard scam
    Walmart gift cards
    Walmart survey
    Windows Tech Support scam
    Work from home
    World Email Organization
School project
    name game
    science project
    see Chain letters
Scientific proof of God
Scottish referendum vote was rigged
Scratch-off cards cause cancer
Second Coming Project
    cloning Jesus
Sector zero virus
Seeing eye cat
Selena Gomez
Senior death warrant
    see Health care
September 11
     Arabs celebrated
    Budweiser pulled from shelves
    see FAQ
September 24, 2015
    see Asteroid to hit earth
    see Meteor to hit earth
Seven-headed Cobra photo
Seventy-two killed in Boston
    see Gun confiscation in Boston
    causes cancer
    don't shampoo in the shower
    government warning
    see Head & Shoulders
    sodium laurel sulfate
    sodium laureth sulfate
Sharia law in Dearborn
Sharks or coconuts
Shark's Love
    slideshow presentation
Sherri Harvey
    see Nigerian scam
Sherry Hackett letter
    not Buddy Hackett's widow
    "We Noticed"
Shoot more police
    immigrant protest sign
Shrimp & vitamin C
Shut down the Internet
    Internet cleanup day
Shuttle explosion pictures
Silver Nitro Oxide
Silver pockets full
Simon Pugh
Sinbad is dead
Six Flags
    four free tickets
"Skin colored" crayon
Skittles contains cocaine
    closing March 15
    deleting inactive users
    see FAQ
Slow Dance
    Bud Gregg
    debunks existence of Jesus Christ
    funded by George Soros
    in the tank for Obama
    "not reliable" e-mail
    owners detained by police
    taxpayer funded
Snow snake
Snowball the cat photo
    bread & milk prices to soar
    record-shattering storms
    government warning
    see Head & Shoulders
Social Security
    $24 million for medical records
    illegal aliens to get benefits
        Senate voted this week
Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLES)
Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS)
Solar panels drain Sun's energy
Soldiers get 2 meals a day
Sony Ericsson
    see Ericsson
Sorcha Faal
    see Russian troops in U.S.
South African bananas
    flesh-eating bacteria
South African Police Service (SAPS)
    closing Child Protection Unit
    see Petitions
South Park sued by Yelp
Southern Poverty Law Center & the FBI
Space shuttle explosion pictures
Speeding ticket frenzy
    30-day ticket writing blitz
    fill in name of any state
    African spider
    Angolan witch spider
    arachnius gluteus spider
    Australian spider bite
    blush spider
    camel spiders
    known spider spreading in Australia
    spiders in hair ("The Fatal Hairdo")
    telamonia dimidiata
    toilet spiders
Sponges in the mail
    see Klingerman virus
SS Cotopaxi
Star of David
    add to U.S. flags
    anti-anyone or anything
    charged 9/11 rescue workers for water